Brick Paving Perth Specialists in  Installation and Repair at JRC Paving

We specialise in all forms of paving and paved surface repairs, from new driveways and outdoor entertainment areas to repairing your existing cracked or damaged pavers. Materials from brick to natural stone and all pavers in between, we have mastered them all. Our Best Brick Pavers in Perth are ready to transform your ideas into reality.

New paving

Do you have an outdoor area that experiences a high level of traffic? Sick of looking at that worn dirt track across the lawn? In many cases, paving provides an excellent, low cost solution. The team at JRC Paving offers a wide range of paving services that are sure to address your needs – whether you need to pave for practicality, aesthetics or both. JRC Paving has been classified as top Brick Paving Contractors in Perth with a transparent track record.

When it comes to quality paving, there are two things that need to be considered: the type of pavers used, and the base. We can work with a broad range of different materials, from standard brick through to sandstone, granite and even concrete paving. With such a wide range of materials on offer, you are sure to find an affordable paving option that complements your home and the surrounding landscape.

Paving is more than just laying bricks– and for this reason it is important to ensure you enlist the help of experienced paving contractors. A good base is essential, as it allows for drainage, ensures the pavers are level and helps to stop them moving about over time. We ensure this step is carried out properly, so you can enjoy even pavers for many years to come.

Paving repairs in Perth

If you’re not in the market for a completely new driveway, we may still be able to assist you with other projects. The process of Brick Paving repair in Perth is carried out under high supervision. If your paving is old, feeble, cracked and broken, no need to replace as we are here to repair. For instance, do you need your current driveway repaired? Do you have a cracked or damaged paver? If you have a small job or repair you think might fall under our expertise, and you’re are looking for outstanding quality and attention to detail at a competitive rate, please contact Jerome on 0431 912 934 for a free onsite consultation and quote.