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JRC Paving and Landscaping can offer bricklaying services utilizing our in house bricklayer with over 30 years of experience.

  • Boundary fences

  • Brick letterboxes

  • Brick planter boxes

  • Stone work

  • Feature stone cladding

  • Custom retaining

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We spend the time on the preparation!!! The most important part of your brick or stone project is a good foundation. Each wall is built with methods and standards used in the industry to ensure your build is solid and safe. The combination of steel rods and concrete is used to maintain structural integrity. We take no shortcuts and always cavity fill each pier to ensure your wall does not crack and move.

When building walls or fences there are many different products to consider. 

  • Standard bricks  and blocks. 
  • These include   reds – creams – handmade – recycled bricks 
  • Utility Bricks   fastwalls and maxi ‘s 
  • Utility Blocks besser blocks which can be concrete filled
  • Limestone blocks which come in many different profiles and sizes