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Durable Concrete Installation

Concrete paving is a very versatile product and is one of the most popular choices for driveways in Perth. As well as driveways, concrete paving can also be used for patios and pathways. Available in many colours and finishes, these pavers can be laid in a variety of versatile patterns, matched with different border bricks or inlay features to create unique finishes. Concrete paving can also come in all shapes and sizes.

Concrete paving is extremely strong. Many carparks and roads are constructed using concrete paving which has the benefit of not needing expansion joints like poured concrete. Concrete paving is low maintenance depending on the finish you choose. A smooth finish concrete paver will require a good sealer in order to protect it from the sun and weather which causes the colour and top layer of the brick to wear away over time. An aggregate finish paver, however, may not require sealing at all.

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The range available of concrete paving products is significant and we can save our clients between 10-20% using our trade discount rate at Perth’s leading retailers. Whether you need to replace your existing concrete paving or installing fresh paving, we offer great value for money all backed by our quality workmanship guarantee. Contact our friendly Perth team on 0431 912 934 today.


Concrete Paving FAQ

What maintenance can I expect for concrete paving?2022-09-05T07:17:38+00:00

Concrete paving offers a practical low maintenance option for driveways, paths and outdoor areas. However, they are often exposed to the elements so it is important to seal your concrete paving and give your concrete pavement a clean once a year to keep it looking fresh and new.

When are cars allowed back on newly laid concrete paving?2022-09-05T07:17:04+00:00

Cars are allowed to drive on a newly installed concrete driveway after 24 hours or in some instances straight away as long as they keep away from the concreted edges.

Does JRC offer repairs for concrete paving in Perth?2022-09-05T07:16:34+00:00

We do offer concrete paving restoration as it can be easily fixed. In most cases, the concrete paving has spread or moved. Concrete paving should be sealed to protect the finished surface.

Do you offer a payment plan for concrete paving?2022-09-05T07:15:56+00:00

Yes, we offer flexible payment plans for our concrete paving services. At JRC, our payment plan allows you to get the concrete paving work completed without the stress of upfront payments.  Customers who qualify can select the loan duration and monthly repayment amount to best suit their needs. Plans come with a fixed interest rate and the option to make additional payments. The loan duration can be extended for up to 7 years. Read more here about our payment options here.

When does concrete paving require repairs?2022-09-05T07:15:16+00:00

Concrete paving requires repairs when the pavement begins to spread or move. Fortunately, concrete paving can be easily repaired and restored to look brand new.

Concrete Paving vs. Poured Concrete

The benefits of concrete paving over poured concrete is simple: over time concrete will crack as it expands and contracts with the temperature. Concrete paving doesn’t have this problem. You can also pull up and restore your concrete paving or even extend areas which would be impossible to match with poured concrete or liquid limestone.

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