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Quality Driveway Paving

Resurfacing and new paved driveways

If you are building a new home, renovating, or your driveway is starting to crack then it’s time to contact JRC Paving Perth.

Our experienced team can provide a range of driveway paving solutions. From designing and installing new driveways, through to replacement driveways, we offer a professional service with quality work.

We understand much like no two homes are the same, no two driveway are the same which is why we offer a custom paved driveway solution.

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driveway repair
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One of the most popular pavers used in new patio paving is limestone. Limestone is a natural product that is well wearing, durable and will match most existing paving.  It’s a timeless classic look and feel and when its professionally installed by JRC your new patio will look fantastic for years to come.

The options for alfresco and patio paving are endless some simple brick paving through to stone paving we are here to help..  Whether you need to replace your existing paving or install new paving we offer great value for money all backed by our quality workmanship guarantee.

Heavy Duty Driveway Paving

Simple brick paving is a great option and still the most common form of driveway paving used. Bricks are durable, long lasting and can be laid in a range of different patterns to make your driveway unique.

All of our driveway paving is done properly to ensure it can withstand cars driving up and down.


 Need Repairs? 

JRC PAVING has extensive experience in paving restoration and can restore your existing driveway paving like new.