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Soakwells in Sand

1 $440.00 each
2-5 $330.00 each
5+ $300.00  each

Soakwells installed under paving

1 $660.00 each
2-5 $550.00 each
5+ $440.00 each

Soakwells in Sand

Pull up paving around tank
Open grate and get inside tank
Cement all holes causing problems
Compact sand around tank
Restoration of paving
$680.00 including GST

Supply and install new Galvanised Grates

55mil Thick new galvanised Grates (15-year warranty)
$680.00 including GST

We use a 600×900 vertical leaching poly drum (20 years using this system)

200 litres fully sealed around the outside and drains only at the bottom which means no problems can occur, these will not crack or move like concrete , no tree roots can get inside unlike other poly systems

We water all the sand in around the outside of the tank which eliminates subsidence and can be installed in tight spaces

10 year warranty

Please note if we encounter limestone – clay – or any hard materials which require us to use jackhammer excavation this will be charged at $88.00 per hour We will take pictures and inform you before this begins

“Friendly and prompt service from the jrc paving team. We’re happy with the outcome of our driveway, and would highly recommend.”
Claire Byrne

“Jerome and his team did an amazing job on our outdoor alfresco. It was a nice change to deal with tradesmen that were reliable, clean and professional. Thank you Jerome. Would highly recommend!!!”
Renae Warne

“Excellent Service . Awesome Work Great bunch of guys !!”
Tye Krieger