Why Choose Pool Paving for Your New Pool?

As Perth’s summers continue to get hotter more of us are installing new swimming pools and of course we all want our pool area’s to not only look inviting but also practical for entertaining and everyday living.

Just like pools come in different shapes and styles so does pool paving. There are currently lots of different paving options such as straight or curved bullnose,  concrete, travertine and more.

Paving is a great option for pool surrounds and covers a range of benefit over other hard coverings such as decking.

Choosing Pool Paving

Cost Effective:

Swimming Pool pavers are generally cheaper than other options over their life span.  Pavers are cheaper to install, require less maintenance and will outlast other options like timber decking.

Long Life Span:

Pool pavers are designed to withstand the test of time and when JRC professionally installs your new pool paving you will enjoy years of a great looking finish.

Strength and Durability:

One of the main benefits of using paving around pools is they can handle heavy foot traffic, outdoor furniture and generally immune to pool chemicals such as salt and chlorine.

Contact JRC Paving today and talk to the  experienced experts in swimming pool paving.  We have supplied and installed paving around hundreds of pools and can help you choose the right paving that matches your pool and compliment your home.